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Developing Tooling and Mould Equipment
A modern precision tool room facility develops the tooling and mould equipment conforming to the specifications provided by the design department. Highly trained and skilled hands create the accurate dies and mould equipment that are so essential for a quality product.
Fully Automatic Production Process
The production process comprising of raw material mixing, batching, melting, refining of glass and conversion of molten glass into bottles, commences on a fully automated plant. The silica-soda-lime mix is converted into fully formed and annealed bottles automatically. The only human intervention comes from alert, eagle-eyed supervisors who ensure that the round-the-clock process uninterruptedly produces glass bottles of high international quality.
Optimum Production Capacity
With an optimum production capacity of about 1.1 million glass bottles per day, this automatic plant is ideally suited to meet the challenges for prompt quality supplies to the pharmaceutical industry. Quality systems implemented as per ISO 9001 Ė 2000 certification ensure quality, productivity and prompt service to our clients.
Automatic Packing
Packing of finished bottles is done online automatically. Bottles are collated in a pre-fixed manner and shrink wrapped, ensuring a pack worthy of storage and transportation.
Ready for shipment
The shrink-wrapped packs are then palletised and ready for shipment to distant corners of the globe. Glass is fragile but the handling and storage systems incorporated ensure that the finished bottles reach our customerís doorstep with minimal damage.
Satisfied Users
Vitrum Glass is a household name in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry that uses amber bottles. Almost every major player relies on Vitrum to carry their products to the ultimate consumer.

Pick a bottle off a chemistís shelf, chances are, it will be from VITRUM.
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