Quality Policy:

Empire Industries Limited, Vitrum Glass is dedicated and committed to Design / Develop, manufacture and supply Type III Soda Lime Silica Amber color Glass Containers (Bottles) meeting the requirements of Pharmaceutical Industries, other interested parties including external & internal issues, applicable legal requirements through involving & supporting all employees, setting up & striving to achieve quality objectives, technological up-gradation, effective implementation of Quality Management System and continually improvising its effectiveness.

At Vitrum Glass, we are dedicated to Quality and Continuous Process Improvement to achieve enhanced Customer satisfaction by timely delivery of Quality products to exceed our Customers’ expectations.

We ensure all quality checks at all stages:

  • Incoming raw materials: Raw materials are chosen according to the purity of materials and granule metric size. All raw materials are tested in well equipped chemical lab before approval.
  • Storage: Raw materials are stored in the designated silos of batch house through a loading hopper incorporated with vibrators and elevators.
  • Furnace: is made of refractory construction for melting the glass raw materials. Final mixture of batch from furnace storage silo is transferred into the furnace by means of batch charger. A temperature of about 1550°C is maintained inside the furnace for melting of batch or raw material mixture to molten Glass.
  • Product: All annealed glass containers travel in clean room environment ( complies primary packaging material for pharmaceutical) through a single liner for 100% inspection by automatic machines and by visual inspection of various defects of neck, shoulder, body, heel area and base. Cold end Quality inspection area continuously monitor the online defects and pass the fault data to forming end for immediate rectification.
  • Final inspections are conducted by Quality Team on sample bottles from packed materials as per Quality Plan, Frequency and Product specification requirements.
  • Pre-Dispatch Inspection: PDI team ensures all quality procedures to be followed as per quality check list, transportation quality system & confirms final dispatch to customer.

We ensure all quality checks for the incoming raw materials, in-process quality controls during manufacturing and pre-dispatch inspections before supplies. We are equipped with modern testing facilities for required tests. We operate on standard operating procedures which are developed as per customer requirements which are as per global standards.

At Vitrum Glass we are committed-

  • To comply fully with the requirements of the Quality Management System and continually improve its effectiveness.
  • To establish & periodically review the quality objectives.
  • To create a motivated team of employees with an objective to upgrade their skills through training for continuously enriching quality consciousness.
  • To up-grade & introduce latest technological innovations resulting in better quality of our products.
As a trusted global partner we work in accordance with global management systems and are certified with ISO 9001:2015 certification.